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10 tips to run safely during COVID-19

The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced the runners/marathoners to explore tips to run safely during COVID-19.

As the countries enter the Unlock phase and with Govt. relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, the runners are finally hitting the road and running in the open.

However, proper precautions must be taken for safe outdoor workouts. Here are a few tips to run safely during COVID-19:

1.   Run Solo

tips to run during covidAvoid running in groups and run in Solo. Running in groups might lead to increase contact with others who could be sick.

Also, you have an added advantage if you are running solo for the first time. It allows you to be present at the moment and you may discover yourself.

2.   Start slow

You may be a good runner. However, you have been under lockdown for almost 3 months now without any outdoor workouts. So, run slowly and gradually increase your pace.

Also, try to avoid long distance and intense runs during this period as your glycogen stores would have been depleted, which means your immune system will not be as normal as it used to be. So, start your run with less mileage.

I just ran 6 km last week after 3 months and trust me, I felt like I was running for the first time. This is almost like breaking an old routine, so your body will take time to adapt.

3.   Wearing Mask

tips to run during covidThe Government has made it compulsory to wear masks in public places. This is for protecting self and others from the spread of coronavirus.

But, as a practice, you should avoid it during workouts. Wearing masks during workouts may lead to more carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the body. This can turn fatal also. Recently, a jogger in China was admitted to the hospital with a complaint of chest pain after performing intense workout while wearing a mask.

Wear your mask before and after the run. While running or jogging you can lower down the mask and maintain 6 feet distance from other people. The most important point is to maintain social distancing. Also, try to schedule your run during the less crowded hours, as in early mornings or late in the evening.

4.   Stretching

Stick to basics. Do your regular warm-up and cool-down stretches. Move the joints in various parts of the body and stretch your muscles before and after running. This will help you to remain injury-free throughout.

5.   Hydration

Again, the basics but with a stress on carrying your own water bottle/electrolyte. Avoid purchasing the same during the run or en route to minimize your physical contact.

6.   Avoid spitting

Needless to say, avoid spitting outdoors and reduce the chances of the spread of the coronavirus. This is the new running etiquette.

7.   Avoid touching

Do not touch any public/shared object. I repeat, don’t touch. The stress is because of the habit to rest ourselves on public things when we get tired or to recover during the run.

And, in case, you touch something innocently, sanitize your hands immediately. Chances of you carelessly touching your face during running is high. This brings our next point, i.e.

8.   Carry a sanitizer

Sanitizer is your new running gear. Use the one recommended as per WHO guidelines.

Also, no matter whether you sweat or not, always wash your hands after your workout. Take a bath once you are home.

9.   Carry identity card

This advice is not restricted to this period only but should be followed in all outdoor workout activities. Even the regular runners forget this.

Always carry an identity card with you capturing important details, like name, contact number of kin, any allergies, etc. to be reachable in case of any emergency.

10.   Practice other workouts

tips to run during covidMix up your workouts. Your routine may include running, cycling, yoga, meditation, and core strengthening. Avoid going to gyms and try home workouts which will also help you to stay safe.

As it is said, the four components to keep your immune system healthy are good nutrition, running, exercise, and meditation.


The coronavirus position highlights the need to strengthen health systems which are often being neglected due to our lifestyle choices. People have never been this conscious about their fitness.

And in the present COVID 19 situations when other options like Gymming or swimming are not recommended, one of the best ways to boost your immunity and stay fit is running coupled with yoga.

Running helps to train your brain as much as your body. It is also known to be a mood elevator. Running paired with basic pranayama not only boosts immunity but also develops positivity.

Important tip: If running doesn’t excite you, you should do daily work out of 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity to boost your immune system. If you are not able to do any workout, simply jog on the spot every day at different times – maybe fifteen minutes at a time, five to seven times a day.

Thank You

Thank You for reading it through. I hope you find the mentioned tips useful and will encourage you to resume your outdoor runs.

And in case, if you have any other tips to add, do share the same with us for the benefit of other readers.

Also, if you find the post informative, help us to spread the word by sharing the same.

Stay healthy, stay safe.


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