I am a passionate runner and am always on the search for inspirational running quotes and meditation stories which not only motivates me but also assists me in encouraging others to be part of this runner’s world.

The Story

On one of these hunts through the by-lanes of the internet,  I came across this article revealing the life of Tendai Buddhist Monks of Japan’s sacred Mount Hiei,  popularly known as “Marathon Monks” or “Running Monks”.

These “Running Buddhas” participate in a 1000-day marathon challenge, with a belief that this challenge is the route to the greatest thing a human being can achieve: Enlightenment in the here and now!

“If you commit to nothing, you will be distracted by everything”

I have been running for a decade now and have always had this belief that Running and Meditation are the two disciplines that complement each other, and the said story transforms my passion into conviction.

The inspiration behind “The Running Monk”

One of the best things about running is that you keep meeting new people and get to listen to their amazing stories. This has helped me to drive high and continue my meditative running journey.

In parallel, many times I have been approached by my friends/colleagues to help them learn the basics of running and meditation, to develop these habits, and with a desire to also run a marathon themselves.

The Final Call

I have been giving this a lot of thought recently. So, when I was trying to integrate all these thoughts running in my mind, together, I feel like working on a platform, a medium, through which I can motivate people into the field of running and meditation by sharing my learning and experiences.

A forum for sharing experiences and stories from the crossroads of running and meditation


Welcome to therunningmonk where I will be sharing my journey, my findings, and my experiences with running and meditation, which may hopefully inspire and motivate you to develop these habits yourself. And if I do dare say myself, these should be cultivated and turned into habits.

This blog is for everyone who wishes to learn, hope to discover, and desire to transform themselves.
Through this forum, we will be mutually engaging, sharing stories, and learning the art and technique of running and meditation.

We are super excited to have you on board. We know you will just love us!!!

Keep Reading! Keep Sharing!