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New year Gift ideas to support your fitness resolution

It’s almost the end of the year and it is time to show your love to your dear ones with some wonderful new year gifts that describe your love for them in the best way.

New Year Gifts are a great way to start New Year Celebrations as they represent the love and affection you have for your loved ones.

I know this was not a regular year and unlike every year we are still wearing masks, using sanitizers, and spending time mostly at home, due to Covid-19. At the same time, we are thankful to God and our Corona warriors who have really helped us survive this pandemic.

But then, the New Year always comes with new expectations and hopes, and it’s incomplete without partying or exchanging new year gifts with your loved ones. The age-old tradition of planning new resolutions for the coming year is also a common sight.

A few of the most popular resolutions include losing weight, developing good habits, and working hard, etc. Fitness and strengthening the immune system will also be a few of the top resolutions this year considering the recent coronavirus scenario.

So, why not gift something this new year which will not only express your love for your dear ones but will also support and facilitate their fitness resolution? Now, don’t be puzzled and continue reading the blog. I have cited some of the great fitness gift ideas and this will possibly ease your search.

1. Books

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I always believe if you want to develop passion about something, you should know the in and out of that sport or whatever you are into. And what can be the better way than reading some of the bestsellers?

I have mentioned here running books (Born to Run is my all-time fav) as I am a bit partial toward running but you can choose any good book supporting your friend’s resolution.

Books inspire like anything and there is a reason they are considered a great partner.

2. Shoes

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A good pair of shoes is your perfect companion in the long run. Your shoes need to be perfect which not only feels comfortable on your foot but also fits your foot the best.

Any kind of fitness resolution is incomplete without shoes. That’s the base going to hold your resolution. So, this will be an ideal new year gift that will motivate your friend to take the first step towards fitness resolution.

3. Jump Rope

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A simple and yet inexpensive idea of maintaining a daily fitness routine. I have recently covered an article on some of the amazing benefits of skipping.

This is an ideal gift for the ones who want to develop fitness as a habit but either they are short of time due to their work schedule or lazy enough to hit the ground or gym.

Gift a Jump Rope as a new year gift and they will thank you for every calorie they burn.

4. Yoga Mat

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Yoga is one of the most popular forms of holistic well-being and is considered one of the best ways to develop immunity. It is an age-old practice and is for everyone. All one needs is a yoga mat to start their yogic journey.

One of the best giftspiration idea which will take your buddy a step closer to his/her resolution journey towards reinforcing the immune system.

5. Shaker Bottles

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If someone is looking to include cycling, running or any other sport in their daily activities, shaker bottles are one of the top items they should own.

It’s a basic and kind of a regular to your fitness routine. They are currently one of the bestselling items.

So, gifting one to your loved ones this new year will work as a catalyst and accelerate their new year resolution.

6. Fitness Band

new year gift for fitness
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Fitness bands are the easiest and the best available tool to monitor your health and fitness. It does not demand too much of your attention and can measure your vitalities, sleep quality, and step count easily and accurately.

Fitness bands have progressed from being a niche product to an exciting category with a broad array of options to suit the needs of all fitness enthusiasts.

From getting call/message notifications to recording your sleep pattern and recognizing your workout habits, a fitness band can do a lot of things.

This can also be an ideal gift and probably the exciting one among the mentioned options.

7. Push-up Stands

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Push-ups are a quick and effective workout for building strength, and they are undoubtedly one of the most useful fitness exercises ever. You can do push-ups to strengthen your muscles and other parts of the body.

Push-up Stands are the best available tool to get the most out of this exercise. It not only better the effects of push-ups but are also a superb way to train your muscles.

And the best part, it can be done from anywhere. What one needs is a small space and a Push-up Stand. So, probably you can think of considering this as a new year gift option.

You don’t require a gym membership to get fit. What you need is belief and a consistent effort.

8. Bicycle

new year gift for fitness
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Cycling is a wonderful sport. It not only helps to maintain physical fitness but also contributes to the environment by reducing air pollutants and noise pollution. And the best part is you need not dedicate a special time for this.

Just include cycling in your daily activity or use it as your regular conveyance and enjoy the countless benefits it has to offer. And, yes it also improves mental well-being.

Now, this is perhaps the expensive new year gift among the shared options but it’s worth the value.

9. Badminton Racket

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Badminton has become quite trendy in recent times among all age groups. It is a high energy sport and very exhausting. It makes use of almost every muscle in the body and if one plays regularly, he or she can lose a minimum of 4 kg within a month.

Quick Fact: Playing Badminton for an hour helps in burning 480 Calories, the highest among all sports.

Badminton Racket is quite a popular option among fitness gifts and is loved by the sportsperson. A perfect new year gift for the ones who find regular exercise boring and looking for a fun sport alternative to keep themselves committed to fitness.

10. Sports Shorts

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Ok, am not going to elaborate on this. I mean, this is the prerequisite for any sports or exercise.

Though the choice of the shorts varies based on the kind of sports, the most important thing we need to consider while purchasing one is the comfortable clothing.

So, gift a good one to your friend and treat this as your contribution to his or her fitness resolution.


We celebrate the new year to bid farewell to all the struggles and problems that we faced in the old year and to welcome something new as well as happiness in the coming year. We wish the same to our loved ones and present them with thoughtful gifts marking our love and affection for them.

The above-mentioned new year gift options could be a little different from the usual ones like cards, flowers, chocolates we gift every year but then fitness and immunity is the need of the hour. Even people have become more conscious about their health and by presenting them with these fitness gears, we can be of small support to their new year resolution.

Thank You

Thank You for reading it through. Though the post has been written from the gifting point of view, you can also present this to yourself and start your own fitness journey.

We make resolutions every year, the problem is with the continuation of the same. The objective of this post is to encourage you and your loved ones in the fitness journey and contribute to turning these resolutions into habits.

Do share your feedback with us and if you find the post handy and useful please share it among your friends and families.


Keep loving! Keep supporting!

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