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Best running books of all time: Technical running reads

Running books are always referred as a constant companion of runners. These books, not only inspire or motivate but also guide as a running mentor.

For me, reading these books is the best way to relax, a perfect weekend fun, and my running guide.

Continuing from my last post on running books which was dedicated to the inspiring running journeys of common people, this post will be committed to running books relating the training and technical aspects of running.

Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultra-marathons

Author: Bryon Powell (Veteran Ultra-marathoner and Coach)

Relentless forward progress
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The book in brief

  • The book is a practical guide that had training plans from 50 k to 100 miles. You can consider this as a Crash Course on how to train for a run.
  • An all advice book, you will find all the necessary tips, you need to know while going for your first ultra-marathon.
  • It’s a very useful book esp. if you are a newbie. The book covers everything about the run. Be it hydration, blister management, training on up hills and down hills, use of poles, the book has it all.
  • The book covers every aspect of training for and racing ultra distances.
  • This encyclopaedic volume prepares runners for going farther than they have ever gone before and, in the process, shows them that they are capable of the impossible.

Racing Weight: 6 step plans for Endurance Athletes

Author: Matt Fitzgerald (Certified Sports Nutritionist)

Racing Weight
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The book in brief

  • A wonderful book on achieving the optimal weight for you achieving your racing best times. It has got a diet quality score in which he tells you the simple approach to eat better and good quality food.
  • The Author has shared the food diaries of 18 elite athletes so that you can just compare how their life is with yours and then some strength training tips and exercises for a leaner body.
  • Overall a very informative book about diet covering the How, What and When of “you should eat”. There are some beautiful recipes of food which you can try.
  • I highly recommend this book for anybody who looks forward to improving his performance.

Running Through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultra-marathon

Author: Neil Jameson (Editor of Breakaway Books)

Running through the wall
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The book in brief

  • The book comprises the stories of both common and elite runners. How they have found difficulties in life and then overcome the same through running.
  • The book is a collection of 39 inspirational stories from ultra-marathoners and answers to questions on training your mind and body for the long runs.
  • The full bundle of inspiration, not only to current marathoners looking for the next challenge—but also to runners of all abilities.
  • If you are feeling down anytime or being overwhelmed with life, then this is the go-to book for you.

Lore of Running

Author: Tim Noakes (Health Professor and Director – Sports Institute of South Africa).

Lore of running
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The book in brief

  • This basically is the encyclopedia on running. I picked up this book to understand more about the human body. This book will help you to understand all the mechanics of your body.
  • The author blends the expertise of a physician and research scientist with the passion of a dedicated runner to answer the most pressing questions for those who are serious about the sport
  • How your body systems respond to training, the effects of different training methods, how to detect and avoid overtraining, and many others, transferring training to racing.
  • How to train for the 10K up through ultramarathon with detailed programs from Noakes and several leading running experts
  • How to prevent and treat injuries, increase your strength and flexibility, and use proper nutrition for weight control and maximum performance
  • The book includes new interviews with 10 world-class runners who share their secrets to success and longevity in the sport.

Once a Runner

Author: John L. Parker, Jr. (American Writer)

Once a runner
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The book in brief

  • The book is a fictional story of a runner who is preparing for a miler. An inspiring, funny, and spot-on tale of one individual’s quest to become a champion.
  • The storytelling ability of this person is amazing. The way the author has intensely described his final race is worth mentioning here.
  • This is perhaps the best novel written on running.
  • If you are a runner, you must have read or heard about this book. In case you have not, then just go and buy this book.


From what to eat to how to run, these running books, summarizes the best of the experiences and learning of running greats, describing how challenging and rewarding running can be.

The list is not all though. These are only some of the books which are my all-time favorites.

Thank You

Thank You for reading it through. The thought behind the post is to help the readers with some good reads plus to create interest among the non-readers. Hopefully, I would have been able to achieve certain success in that.

So, grab a copy of yours, and express your reviews on the same. And, if you have any book suggestions to add to our library, do let us know in our comment section.

Also, please do not forget to show us your love by sharing the post.


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