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5K Running Plan: 8-week training schedule for beginners

A basic 5k running schedule which has been designed with an assumption that you are a beginner or have never run before, and to prepare yourself at a decent pace for your first 5k run!

Training for a 5K run requires both planning and preparation. And if you are running for the first time, this has to be coupled with an extra discipline. Now, when I am saying so, what I want to highlight is the early wakeup routine which probably most of us find it difficult due to our present lifestyle.

It is said that, if you manage your sleep schedule and wake up early in the morning you have achieved 50% of your target, the rest 50% is to step out of your home to run.

Normally, if you are involved in daily physical activity or are fairly fit, you can prepare for a 5k running within 4-5 weeks. But as I said, I have designed the training calendar (8-week schedule) considering you being the first-time runner.

Quick Note: Along with increasing your mileage, your training schedule should also include cross-exercises to improve your overall performance. This may involve swimming, cycling, or strength training whatever you are comfortable with.

Training Schedule – 8-week plan for your first 5k running

The schedule we are providing here is a walk-run-walk schedule, which means you can walk for a few minutes followed by a run and this will be repeated for some time.

Also, the schedule has been designed considering the Mon- Fri official working hours, giving maximum training room on Saturday and Sunday followed by a Monday rest.

Important Note:  You should start slow and try to incorporate the run-walk strategy in the initial days with slowly increasing your running time. And yes, you may amend the training plan based on your fitness level.

5k running plan

Few important tips to keep in mind

In parallel to your training plan, there are a few key things you need to take care of while practicing:

1.   Warm-up

running planYour Run should always start with a basic warm-up. This helps to heat and pump your body to start your run. A warm-up can be as simple as jumping jacks, dynamic stretching, etc. Avoiding warm-up may lead to injuries.

2.   Hydration

hydrationKeep yourself hydrated before and during the run as your body sweats constantly. Always carry a water bottle or a bottle filled with electrolyte whenever you go out for a run. Remember, as a thumb rule your body needs on an average 600-700 ml per hour, so fuel it properly by keeping it hydrated.

3.    Clothing

5k running planAvoid wearing cotton clothes during the run. Opt for breathable and comfy fabrics such as polyester over cotton which will not only make you feel comfortable but will also help you avoid Runner skin problems like Chaffing, Heat Rash, etc.

4.   Shoes

running shoesBuying your favorite running shoe sometimes can be quite complicated. Running shoes need to be perfect which not only feels comfortable on your foot but also fits your foot the best. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time with these, so it is important that they are right for you.

5.   Running surface

Though difficult to find, you should always5k running plan try to run in dirt, grass, or asphalt roads in comparison to paver block or concrete roads. The idea behind this is harder surfaces result in greater forces exercised on the body increasing chances of receiving injury.

6.   Cooldown

cooldown excerciseCooldown exercise is as important as the warm-up. Cooling down eases to bring your heart rate to normal resting level and promotes relaxation. It also helps the body to remove lactic acid which may cause increased soreness by pooling in your muscles.

7.   Buddy up

runningSometimes you need a bit of a motivation to keep yourself running. And that’s where running buddies support. So, find a run partner and if not able to, join a running group.  It may enhance your run routine. You can discuss your performance receive feedback and tips that may improve your performance.

PS: I prefer to run solo as I get the opportunity to connect with my thoughts. Also, it helps me to focus on my pace, form, and breathing. I called it meditative running.


Many of us want to start the fitness journey but due to some or other reasons, we are not able to develop it as a routine habit. I often receive DMs on Instagram on how to take up running as a habit and be a regular. And I always share this simple mantra of getting up early which I am following for the last so many years.

You may find it hard to get up early and go for a run. But then, you will find yourself happy and delighted if you get up and do it.

So, what are you waiting for? Just keep your running apparels ready for tomorrow’s run and maybe you can sign up for the next 5k running scheduled 2 months from now.

Thank You

Thank You for reading it through. The above-shared training plan is designed to prepare the beginners with an easy go practice calendar for your first 5k run. This post intends to motivate you for taking running as a habit and to support your training with a well-performed plan.

I hope, you have found the blog useful and informative. If yes, please share among your friends and families and inspire them to run their first 5k. And don’t forget to share your experiences in our comment section. Till then…

Keep running, keep inspiring!!!


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      Thank you mate. The intention is to inspire people to start the lovely sport of Running.

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    Lovely and motivational for new runner ?

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    Amazing write up for first time runners. Very well explained and constructive plan for 8 weeks for the first 5K run.

    Keep sharing the good things.

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